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Health Evaluations in Jupiter, FL

Health evaluations play a crucial role in determining a patient’s overall health and wellbeing. Fortunately, this can be done quickly and accurately at Refresh Palm Beach Medical Aesthetics with the help of our advanced technology. We use InBody 570 scanners to perform health evaluations in Jupiter, FL.

Why Get a Health Evaluation?

If you have certain fitness goals that you are trying to achieve, a health evaluation is an ideal first step. InBody 570 collects the information needed to create a concrete plan. The evaluation makes it much easier to target certain parts of the body to get rid of specific fat deposits.

Patients who are already in optimal shape can also benefit from a health evaluation, since it can aid in creating a detailed plan to maintain their physique.

Patients of any age can come in for a health evaluation. If you are interested in becoming healthier, this is an excellent first step.

Health Evaluations Using InBody 570

Health evaluations used to be long and involved, requiring an incredible number of steps. Now, this critical aspect of patient health can be done quickly with our InBody 570 scanner. A scan with this revolutionary device takes less than a minute and provides incredibly detailed result sheets.

Our health evaluations can measure numerous factors, including skeletal muscle mass, fat mass, and the amount of water in the body. They can even pinpoint where fat is located in the body, which can be incredibly useful for coming up with fitness programs to achieve specific results.

An evaluation can analyze the body’s composition history, tracking details like body fat percentage, water retention, and weight over a period of time. This can identify trends and patterns that can be useful for achieving fitness goals.

How Does InBody 570 Work?

InBody 570 is a bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) device. It applies numerous safe electrical currents to the water in the body. The different frequencies of these currents aid in measuring the composition of the body.

Electrode-to-skin contact facilitates measurement. The system evaluates the left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, and the torso.

Preparing for Your Health Evaluation

For at least 24 hours before your health evaluation, it will be important to avoid caffeine and alcohol. For three hours before the evaluation, do not eat anything or exercise.

To prepare for your evaluation, do not apply any ointments or lotions to your feet or your hands, and do not shower. Saunas should also be avoided.

Your Health Evaluation

A health evaluation at Refresh Palm Beach Medical Aesthetics 570 is fairly straightforward. The patient stands on the machine and then holds the two electrode handles. The scan is incredibly quick, and test results are printed immediately. The results will be explained, as will the ways in which the data may affect the patient’s health and fitness plans.

Patients can then start using the information that they receive to aid in achieving their health goals. They can also start identifying any negative patterns and work to address them.

How Much Do Health Evaluation Cost?

Patients will learn more about the cost of their recommended health evaluation during their scheduled consultation. Price can be affected by many factors, including the number of required treatment sessions.

Schedule Your Health Evaluation

Take the first step towards a healthier you—come in for an InBody 570 health evaluation in Jupiter, FL. Contact Refresh Palm Beach Medical Aesthetics to schedule your consultation today.

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