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Wouldn’t it be nice if we never lost the perfection of our baby soft skin? Scarring, sun spots, redness, and broken capillaries happen as we age, causing us to lose skin smoothness and elasticity. Once the damage is done, is it possible to regain healthy, glowing skin? The answer is YES – with an IPL photofacial at Refresh Palm Beach Medical Aesthetics. Our skin care experts help you obtain blemish-free skin you didn’t think was possible.


An IPL photofacial is a quick, 30-minute laser technique. Utilizing an intense pulsed light (IPL), the procedure treats skin damage deep beneath the surface.

IPL photofacials utilize the light of various wavelengths. The light is capable of penetrating through the surface layer of skin, also known as the epidermis, into the second layer, the dermis.

The intense pulsed light targets the pigment-producing cells within the skin. These cells absorb light, which is then converted into thermal energy. The heat from this energy effectively destroys the pigment-producing cells. This clears away a variety of blemishes on the skin and destroys acne-causing bacteria, reducing acne.

Over the course of a few treatments, skin imperfections are significantly reduced revealing a healthy, more youthful appearance.

Your IPL Photofacials will be performed by the Refresh Palm Beach Medical Aesthetics team located in Jupiter, FL.


An IPL photofacial can address a wide variety of skin issues:

  • Rosacea
  • Sun spots/brown spots
  • Acne
  • Diffuse redness
  • Enlarged pores
  • Spider veins
  • Broken capillaries
  • Rough texture
  • Scars
  • Freckles

This treatment option is quite versatile and is able to treat the face, chest, hands, neck, arms, legs, and shoulders.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Ideal candidates for an IPL photofacial are patients looking for a quick, precise, and convenient solution to skin imperfections. The best IPL photofacial candidates have realistic expectations and are committed to coming in for the entire course of treatment in order to achieve their ideal results.

Patients with darker skin tones are not ideal candidates for this treatment option, due to the possibility of changes in skin pigmentation as a result of treatment.

Candidates who are pregnant should wait until after they have given birth before coming in for an IPL photofacial.

Patients taking Accutane must cease usage and then wait one year before they are suitable for an IPL photofacial treatment.


We work closely with you to create a personalized treatment plan to achieve your desired results. The condition of your skin and your individual treatment goals will determine how many photofacials are necessary.

For optimum results, you may need more than 1 photofacial treatment. In most cases, 2 to 6 sessions will effectively treat a problem area. These treatments are usually spaced approximately four weeks apart.

The reason behind this has to do with the skin’s natural cell turnover rate. The skin heals and replenishes the surface skin layer every thirty to forty days. Spacing your IPL photofacials out gives your skin the time to heal. Through this healing process, the skin rejuvenates and is left looking supple, youthful, and clear.


Two weeks before your IPL photofacial treatment, avoid direct sun exposure. Sun exposure can lead to an increase in melanin production. Melanin absorbs light energy, resulting in a less effective IPL treatment. It will also be important to protect the skin of the treatment area with sunscreen that has a proper SPF.

Moisturize and hydrate the skin before the date of the treatment session in order to keep the skin healthy. Avoid smoking to ensure rapid healing after treatment. Additionally, you may need to avoid retinol/retinoid use, since this could result in increased skin sensitivity.


The procedure is simple and non-invasive. There’s no need for any anesthesia or sedatives. During the treatment, the skincare expert will provide you with sunglasses so that the light from the lasers won’t affect your eyes.

The skincare expert will clean the target areas. The intense pulsed light device is then aimed at the skin. During an IPL photofacial, you may feel small unobtrusive pinches on the treatment area during a session.


There is minimal downtime that is resolved over 5-7 days after the treatment, and you can resume your daily activities within a day. Some patients notice redness after treatment that may last up to one week. Some patients notice redness after treatment that may last up to one week.

The Cost of IPL Photofacials

IPL photofacial varies in cost based on a number of factors. Find out more about the price of the procedure during your consultation.


Our Before & After photo gallery contains photos of real results from actual clients. Our experienced technicians utilize aesthetic services including laser hair removal in Jupiter to fight the aging process, rejuvenate the body, and leave skin silky smooth and blemish free. These pictures have not been altered to exaggerate effects of treatment at Refresh Palm Beach Medical Aesthetics.

*Please note, individual results may vary, and we cannot guarantee outcomes for laser hair removal, microblading, photo facials, BOTOX® injections, microneedling, or any other service.


Radiant skin is just a phone call away! Our professionally trained skincare experts at Refresh Palm Beach Medical Aesthetics look forward to restoring your natural beauty and confidence. Call 561.250.6169 to schedule your appointment for an IPL photofacial in Palm Beach County today.

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