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General Scars in Jupiter, FL

We offer treatment of general scars for Jupiter, FL, patients. Scars are marks that form on the skin when the body replaces lost or damaged tissues from deep wounds or injuries. This is part of the natural healing process and offers protection against infections.

Why Undergo Treatment for General Scars?

A prominent scar can be a major cosmetic issue. Not only that, certain scars are painful or itchy, negatively affecting a person’s overall quality of life. Some scars are even tight enough that they affect functionality in areas like the hands.

If you’re struggling with a scar, come to Refresh Palm Beach Medical Aesthetics for Fraxel laser treatment. This cutting-edge treatment causes scars to fade, restoring smooth and natural-looking skin.

Causes of General Scars

The skin has three layers of tissue: the epidermis (top layer), dermis (middle layer), and hypodermis (bottom layer). Wounds that only damage the epidermis do not form scars, since this layer is naturally adept at regeneration.

When wounds reach the dermis, however, scars are formed due to the natural creation of new collagen to help mend the tissues. Collagen helps heal and strengthen wounds until they close, protecting the body from possible exposure to infection.

Collagen is a protein that helps blood vessels maintain strength and elasticity. This keeps blood vessels at optimum health, which improves blood flow, increasing the blood supply to healing wounds. The oxygen and nutrients from this consistent and improved blood supply are essential to successful healing.

Scar tissue is made of collagen fibers. These fibers are stronger than ordinary skin, giving the newly healed area more protection against trauma. This is why scarred skin looks different from normal skin.

Types of Scars

Scars are typically shiny and have no hairs, sweat glands, or blood vessels. Deep wounds that aren’t kept moisturized while healing tend to create scars that are shinier or bulkier.

There are many different types of scars:

  • Fine-Line Scars – Scars that have a raised line, commonly developed after a minor cut or surgical procedure
  • Keloid Scars – Raised nodular scars from an overgrowth of collagen, can spread beyond the borders of the wound, do not regress over time
  • Hypertrophic Scars – Raised scars from an overgrowth of collagen, do not go beyond the borders of the wound, can regress over time
  • Pitted or Sunken Scars – Caused by acne, chickenpox, or an injury that resulted in fat loss
  • Scar Contractures – Caused by burns, make the skin shrink

Do General Scars Usually Go Away?

Complete scar removal is impossible, but most scars can fade over time. While the wound is still healing, keeping it moisturized can reduce the size and appearance of the scar. After the wound has healed, scar removal treatment can be performed.

Fraxel Laser Treatment for General Scars

At Refresh Palm Beach Medical Aesthetics, Fraxel is available to help minimize the appearance of scars. Fraxel is a device used to treat scars with laser energy. The heat from this energy creates minor tissue damage, triggering natural skin regrowth. The new skin does not have the same texture or appearance as scar tissue. Instead, it is smooth and very natural-looking.

Most Fraxel patients find this treatment quite effective. Schedule a consultation at our office to get an assessment of your general scars and a treatment plan with Fraxel.

The Cost of Fraxel Laser Treatment

Fraxel laser treatment varies in cost based on a number of factors. Find out more about the price of the procedure during your consultation.

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Interested in coming in for effective treatment of general scars in Jupiter, FL? Contact Refresh Palm Beach Medical Aesthetics and schedule a consultation.

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