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Pilonidal Cyst Treatment in Jupiter, FL

Looking for pilonidal cyst treatment in Jupiter, FL? Pilonidal cysts can be treated at Refresh Palm Beach Medical Aesthetics using the Candela GentleMax Pro, a device that utilizes laser energy to address the cause of a pilonidal cyst. To find out more, schedule a consultation.

Why Undergo Pilonidal Cyst Treatment?

A pilonidal cyst can be painful and may experience drainage. They can also come back after certain types of treatment, causing more discomfort and frustration.
Why do they keep coming back? Typically, pilonidal cysts form after a hair is forced into the skin. This can result from sitting for extended periods of time, tight clothing, or skin rubbing against skin repeatedly. The body forms a cyst around the hair.
A GentleMax Pro laser hair removal treatment safely damages the follicles in the tailbone area, preventing new hairs from growing. This ensures that you won’t have to worry about chronic pilonidal cysts.

Your Pilonidal Cyst Treatment will be performed by the Refresh Palm Beach Medical Aesthetics team located in Jupiter, FL.

How Does Pilonidal Cyst Treatment Work?

Typically, infected pilonidal cysts are treated with invasive surgery, which involves removing debris from the cyst, draining the cyst, and in some cases removing the pit of the cyst. However, since pilonidal cysts have a high rate of recurrence, repeat surgeries are often required.
To reduce this rate of recurrence after surgery, pilonidal cysts (and the area itself) can be treated with the GentleMax Pro laser. This laser is typically used for hair reduction. Since a hair is the root cause of a pilonidal cyst, this form of hair removal is a highly effective option.
The GentleMax Pro laser treatment involves using a dual-wavelength laser to target the pigment cells of unwanted hairs. The heat from the laser energy damages the targeted hair follicles, impairing their ability to grow new hairs. This keeps the area hair-free. As a result, the risk of pilonidal cyst recurrence after laser treatment is very low.

Am I a Good Candidate for Pilonidal Cyst Treatment?

The ideal candidate is anyone who has a pilonidal cyst and does not want surgery or wants to keep the condition from recurring. This is also an ideal option for people who want zero downtime.

Your Consultation

During a pilonidal cyst consultation, the cyst will be examined. The patient will be asked questions about their medical history, including current medications, past treatments, pre-existing conditions, and allergies. Next, we will go over the treatment process and answer any questions the patient may have. Finally, a date will be set for treatment.

The Cost of Pilonidal Cyst Treatment

Pilonidal cyst treatment varies in cost based on a number of factors. Find out more about the price of the procedure during your consultation.


Contact us today and schedule a consultation and learn more about pilonidal cyst treatment in Jupiter, FL. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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