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Permanent Makeup in Jupiter, FL

Enjoy the convenience and freedom of permanent makeup in Jupiter, FL. Permanent makeup creates natural-looking results by implanting pigments into the skin for lasting benefits. With the help of this cosmetic treatment, you won’t need to constantly retouch your makeup or worry about overspending on cosmetics.

What Is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is the application of long-lasting makeup to areas of the face. At Refresh Palm Beach Medical Aesthetics, our meticulous and well-trained professionals perform microblading.

Microblading creates fuller and better-defined eyebrows that are resistant to smearing or smudging. With microblading, your eyebrows are always on point.

Thanks to this technique, your eyebrows won’t need regular touch-ups with an eyebrow pencil. Results can last for up to three years.

Your Permanent Makeup will be performed by the Refresh Palm Beach Medical Aesthetics team located in Jupiter, FL.

Ideal Candidates for Permanent Makeup

If you are tired of constantly looking after your brows, you may be a good candidate for microblading. Patients who have allergies to cosmetic products or are in fields where they constantly need to reapply makeup are excellent candidates.
Patients who have a tendency to develop keloid scarring are not recommended to undergo this eyebrow enhancement procedure. Discuss any pre-existing skin conditions during your consultation, since certain conditions may lead to complications with microblading.

Your Consultation

During your permanent makeup consultation, we will go over your beauty goals and talk about the results we can create with microblading. We will discuss the permanent makeup application process from start to finish, ensuring that you are fully prepared.
An examination of your face will be performed. This will allow for a proper assessment of your facial profile and skin type. Various measurements will be taken at this time. Your medical history will be reviewed, including all current medications, allergies, and underlying conditions.

The Microblading Procedure

Microblading can take about two hours to complete. First, an outline will be drawn on your eyebrow area based on your expected results. Then, a topical numbing cream will be applied on your brows to prevent pain during the procedure.

Using a microblade tool, pigments will be implanted into the skin through micro-strokes to mimic the natural appearance of hair. You may feel a mild scraping sensation during the process. Any discomfort will be quite tolerable.

After Your Session

Recovery after permanent makeup application is quick. The eyebrows will appear darker for several days. There may be swelling and redness, which should disappear quickly. Avoid picking at the scabs to facilitate proper healing. Keep away from sun exposure or tanning beds for a week or two.
Apply moisturizing cream on the affected area, and avoid prolonged exposure to water, such as swimming and long baths. To prevent fading, regularly apply sunscreen on the treated areas.

Cost of Permanent Makeup

The cost of permanent makeup treatments depends on factors like the type of microblading technique employed and the level of expertise of the artist. Subsequent maintenance sessions can also affect the overall price.


Save time and money with the help of permanent makeup in Jupiter, FL. Contact Refresh Palm Beach Medical Aesthetics today to schedule your consultation.

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