5 Reasons to Try UltraShape Body Shaping

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UltraShape body shaping is the latest and greatest in contouring for a slimmer, sexier you! Completely safe and virtually pain free, it has become one of the most preferred methods for permanently removing unwanted body fat. UltraShape technology uses the gentle pulsation of ultrasound energy to target and shrink subcutaneous fat cells.

Benefits of Fat-Busting UltraShape Body Shaping

Body contouring is the perfect addition to a regular diet and exercise regimen, since it gives you the body you want when diet and exercise aren’t enough. Individuals with stubborn subcutaneous fat find UltraShape is the perfect solution to melt fat cells once and for all.

Why Get UltraShape Body Shaping?

  1. Noninvasive: Since the UltraShape procedure is completely nonsurgical, you have nothing to fear about scar tissue or anesthetics. This is a simple procedure performed in a brief in-office visit.
  2. Painless: After countless procedures performed across the nation, UltraShape has proven to be a virtually painless fat loss method. After the procedure, there is very little if any discomfort, irritation, soreness, or numbness like you would experience with other fat-blasting techniques.
  3. No Downtime: As the procedures are completely non-invasive, there is no need to plan for downtime afterward. You may go directly from our office for a treatment back to work or play immediately.
  4. See Results Faster: Some UltraShape members have reported seeing positive results in only two weeks of treatment. While not everyone while see rapid results, you may get the look you want in as little as three treatments.
  5. FDA Approved: Lose body fat while keeping your peace of mind. UltraShape is FDA approved as a safe and effective fat-bursting treatment. UltraShape certification requires all clinicians to undergo extensive training in the proper administration of this procedure.

Love the Way You Look with UltraShape Body Shaping in Jupiter

If you’re struggling to remove stubborn fat even with regular exercise and a healthy diet, rest assured you’re not alone. AND there is a safe way to eliminate it for good with UltraShape body contouring to take off those last few inches. To learn more about UltraShape ultrasound technology and find out if it’s right for you, call our experienced providers at Refresh Palm Beach Medical Aesthetics in Jupiter today at 561.250.6169.

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