Wondering how to Treat Rosacea?

Everyone may grow a little red when they’re embarrassed or when they’re working up a sweat, but is your redness a constant struggle? Rosacea is a condition that affects over 3 million Americans, and sadly there hasn’t been a complete cure found quite yet. But, at Refresh Palm Beach Medical Aesthetics we’re still treating the symptoms of rosacea. There are ways to reduce the redness and inflammation linked to this frustrating condition. Though we cannot completely cure your rosacea in Jupiter, FL, we can help you improve greatly, perhaps even making as if the problem isn’t there at all! Wondering how to treat rosacea? Each situation is different, but our specialists at Refresh Palm Beach Medical Aesthetics take several different approaches to addressing and treating the frustrations of skin problems.

Photofacials in Jupiter are one of our most popular methods of addressing rosacea. That’s because photofacials can help address several frustrating components of rosacea. Some people assume that rosacea just causes redness, but those affected by this condition know that it also creates another issue- acne. The small, red, pus-filled bumps resemble acne, but their treatment is far different from the methods that would be used to treat acne. Photofacials in Jupiter can help treat the pimple-like bumps that cause considerable frustration. At Refresh Palm Beach Medical Aesthetics, we perform IPL Photofacials with the latest equipment. Pulses of light are administered in affected areas to help rejuvenate the skin. Over several sessions, you can see amazing reductions in the appearance of many symptoms.

Acne-like bumps aren’t the only frustration caused by rosacea. If you’re asking yourself “How to treat rosacea?” then it’s important to consider microneedling as a viable solution. At Refresh Palm Beach Medical Aesthetics, our microneedling procedures are designed for your personal aesthetic success. The flushed and red appearance of rosacea is caused by enlarged or damaged facial capillaries that swell to the skin’s surface. Microneedling can address this problem by rejuvenating the skin’s natural collagen production with expertly administered treatments. Small needles create micro-injuries that kick off collagen production, reinvigorating skin and helping reduce rosacea’s reddening.

Rosacea can be an incredibly frustrating problem to live with, creating confidence and appearance issues. At Refresh Palm Beach Medical Aesthetics, we think everyone deserves to look and feel their very best. This is why we’re committed to treating skin conditions with microneedling and photofacials in Jupiter. Wondering how to treat your skin ailments? Let our specialists develop your personalized skin improvement plan. You can look and feel your very best with our help. To get started, call our office at (561) 328 – 6435 to schedule your consultation.

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