Laser Hair Removal Myths Vs Facts

The man lying down with a laser hair removal device

Hair. We all have it. Usually we want more of it in certain places and less of it in other places. It can be a nuisance or a blessing, depending on the angle that you view it from. For those of us trying to get rid of it, there are options.

It’s easy to turn to a razor out of habit. Unfortunately, too many people will overlook their other options due to many myths that they’ve heard through the grapevine. Take laser hair removal, for example… Let’s debunk some of those scary myths.

Myth: Laser Treatments are Expensive

The cost of laser hair removal (LHR) may scare many people away from its benefits. However, if you consider how much you spend annually on waxing, electrolysis, razors and shaving cream, etc., you quickly realize it saves you money in the long run. The savings that accumulate over time is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Myth: Permanent Removal of Hair With Lasers is Painful

People with a low threshold for pain may complain of discomfort during LHR. The unpleasantness of a treatment session has been described as a pin prick sensation, though everyone experiences pain differently. Larger treatment areas may be more painful due to their size. Those with a high pain tolerance describe the process as completely bearable, and nearly all patients agree that it is far more tolerable than waxing.

Myth: Hair Removal With Lasers Causes More Hair to Grow

Everybody is different. Some people lose hair over time, while others form new hair follicles as they age. LHR destroys the hair follicles that are present at the time of treatment. While some people may need several treatments to eradicate any new follicles, others may need as little as two treatments. The idea that this treatment causes new hair to grow is pure myth. Lasers suppress hair follicles – they don’t (and cannot) create them.

Myth: Laser Hair Removal is Only for Lighter Skin Tones

Darker skin shades absorb more laser than lighter shades. However, this doesn’t mean that hair removal for women and men with dark skin can’t enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal. In some situations, more treatment sessions may be necessary. Your certified laser tech is able to customize your treatment based on your specific skin type by adjusting the settings on the laser.

Myth: Hair Removal for Men and Women is Not Safe

The safety of hair removal with lasers depends on the type of laser being used. While some studios offer less-costly laser services, they may not use the safest lasers. It is important to find a skilled laser studio with certified technicians and cutting-edge lasers designed for safety to perform your laser treatment.

Isn’t it time you threw your razors and painful wax kits in the trash and got permanent results? Let us show you how hair removal with laser in Jupiter gets rid of your unwanted body and facial hair for good! Call us at today at 561.250.6169 to schedule your free consultation.

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